Comikaze Plays Intellivision T-Shirt - Men's & Women's Sizes

Intellivision Productions, Inc. exhibited at the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Stan Lee Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles (now Los Angeles Comic-Con). Tens of thousands of attendees came through, and everyone was thrilled to see the Intellivision consoles we had set up for playing their favorite childhood games. Astrosmash! B-17 Bomber! Baseball! and more!

The logo for Comikaze is an octopus wrapped around the earth, and we thought he should be playing in this EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRT DESIGN, he's got a hand controller in each of his 8 arms! (Don’t you wish you could control eight at one time?)

This exclusive "Comikaze plays Intellivision" logo is ONLY available on this shirt and on an exclusive button.

We produced only a limited run of the shirts for the show and we sold most of them. We mean it when we say we have very limited quantities left, but we do have a few in some sizes. They are really nice shirts and Stan Lee himself came by the booth and complimented us on it. And he has one now too in his wardrobe. Join him!


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