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Tech Support Questions

Intellivision Lives!

RIGHT HAND CONTROLLER TOP ACTION BUTTON DOESN'T WORK (PC: VERSION 1.0): The right hand controller top action button is shown incorrectly in the keyboard mapping. The button is mapped to the ~ (tilde) key (left of the 1 in the number row), not the " (quote) key as shown.

NO SOUND WHEN PLAYING GAMES (PC: VERSION 1.0 and VERSION 1.1 when using DOS emulation): (1) Make sure when you click PLAY IT to start a game you only click ONCE. Double-clicking can start the game twice, on top of itself. The two versions compete for the sound channels, resulting in no sound. (2) Change your sound card settings to IRQ 5, DMA 1 (see your computer or sound card manual for instructions on changing the settings). (3) Try the FORCE SOUND option when starting Intellivision Lives! If you still get no sound, e-mail us at tech@intellivisionlives.com with the make and model of your sound card.

BLUE SCREEN WARNING "APPLICATION CANNOT RUN IN A WINDOW" WHEN STARTING A GAME (PC VERSION 1.0 and VERSION 1.1 when using DOS emulation): Make sure when you click PLAY IT to start a game you only click ONCE. Double-clicking can start the game twice, on top of itself, and cause this warning.

PROGRAM QUITS WHEN CLICKING ON "FLIGHT SIMULATOR" (PC/MAC: VERSION 1.0): The links from the Unreleased Titles menu and the index to the Flight Simulator page are broken. To get to the Flight Simulator page, click on Flashlight in the menu or in the index, then click on the red arrow in the lower right corner.

KEYPAD PRESSES DON'T WORK RIGHT FOR GAME "ADVENTURE" (PC VERSION 1.0 and VERSION 1.1 when using DOS emulation): For Adventure only, the mapping of the right hand controller's keypad is lowered by one row on the keyboard (i.e. 1 on the keypad is mapped to Q on the keyboard, 2 to W, etc.). Clear, 0 and Enter are mapped to 1, 2 and 3 in the number row. 8 is mapped to S AND X.

CLICKING ON "MAIN MENU" BRINGS UP A WINDOW ASKING "WHERE IS DEMO.DIR?" (PC/MAC: VERSION 1.0): Double-click Main (the last file listed in the window).

"INTY.BAT NOT FOUND" MESSAGE WHEN TRYING TO START GAMES (PC VERSION 1.0 and VERSION 1.1 when using DOS emulation): Caused by using a shortcut that points to the CD-ROM. Instead, create your shortcut to the INTY.EXE file on the CD-ROM.

GAMES WON'T START WHEN "PLAY IT" IS CLICKED (PC VERSION 1.0 and VERSION 1.1 when using DOS emulation): Problem can be caused by: (a) Not enough memory available. Make sure other programs aren't running. Try restarting Intellivision Lives! or rebooting computer. (b) DOS CD-ROM driver missing. Open a DOS window and try getting a directory of the CD-ROM using its drive specification (e.g., dir e:). If response is "Invalid drive specification," then driver is missing. Check with computer manufacturer for a copy (frequently downloadable from manufacturer's web site). (c) Running on a Sony Vaio computer. Some models of the Vaio will not run programs (such as Intellivision Lives!) that launch games in DOS. Sony provides a fix on their tech support web site for the model 604, but so far has not posted fixes for the other affected models. Please e-mail us at tech@intellivisionlives.com if you have such a model.

CAN'T PRINT GAME INSTRUCTIONS OR CONTROLLER OVERLAYS (PC/MAC): The game instructions and overlays cannot be printed from the CD-ROM, but you can view and print instructions and overlays for all the games on the CD-ROM from the Instructions & Overlays Menu here on our web site.

NO INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE GAME TAKEOVER (PC/MAC: VERSION 1.0): The instructions were not available when the CD-ROM was published. We have since posted them here on the web site.

NO INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE GAME KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (PC/MAC): The instructions were not available when the CD-ROM was published. We will post them here on the web site as soon as possible.

MINOTAUR CRASHES AFTER SEVERAL MINUTES OF PLAY (PC/MAC: VERSION 1.0): The version on the CD-ROM has a fatal bug. We have included a working version in Intellipack 3, available for free downloading here.

DESIRED OPTIONS ARE GRAYED-OUT IN MENUS WHILE PLAYING GAMES (MAC): Some menus and menu options are grayed out even though they are available. Try them.

PLANE IN AIR STRIKE EXPLODES AT BEGINNING OF GAME (MAC: VERSION 1.0): True. While this "game" is simply an incomplete demo, on the PC you can fly the plane and drop bombs; on the Mac the plane immediately explodes.

INTERVIEW WITH MIKE MINKOFF ON THE "BOWLING" CREDITS PAGE IS ACTUALLY ABOUT THE GAME "SNAFU" (PC/MAC: VERSION 1.0): If you click on his picture it plays the "SNAFU" video, but if you click his name it will play the (correct) "BOWLING" video.

WILL THERE BE A VERSION OF "INTELLIVISION LIVES!" THAT RUNS ON WINDOWS 2000 AND/OR XP? CAN I UPGRADE TO IT? (PC): Intellivision Lives! version 1.0 runs on Windows 95/98/Me. Version 1.1, available now, runs on Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. The new version also supports DirectX-compatible hand controllers. A low-priced upgrade ($9.99 including shipping & handling) is available to owners of Version 1.0 until June 30, 2002.


WHAT ARE THE MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS TO RUN THE INTELLIPACKS? For Intellipacks 1 & 2 on PC: 486 or better, Windows 3.1, 95/98 or DOS [Note: Does not run under Windows 3.1 on a 486 - use DOS.] For Intellipack 3 on PC: Pentium II 266MHz or better, Windows 95/98/ME, 600 by 800 screen, DirectX. For Mac: PowerMac 100Mhz or better.

I DOWNLOADED ONE OF THE FILES. NOW WHAT? (PC) The downloaded file needs to be uncompressed with a utility such as WinZip. You can get an evaluation copy of WinZip at www.winzip.com. The file will uncompress into a folder containing a file called vol1 or vol2 depending on the Intellipack selected. Double-click that file to start the program. (Intellipack 3 does not require WinZip. Double-clicking the downloaded file will create a folder containing the Intellipack3 program and instructions.)

NO SOUND (PC): Intellipacks 1 & 2 are incompatible with some ESS Technology sound chips (found in many laptops and some sound cards). Try launching from DOS or a DOS window with the command:

vol1 /s1 <enter>

(Use vol1 for INTELLIPACK 1, vol2 for INTELLIPACK 2.) This should force the sound on.

NO VOICE ON SPACE SPARTANS (PC): With an ESS sound chip, no voice will be heard on Space Spartans, even if sound is forced on (see above). Subtitles appear, instead.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "INTELLIPACK 1" AND "INTELLIVISION FOR PC VOLUME 1"? Nothing. We refer now on the web site to Intellivision for PC Volume 1 and Intellivision for Mac Volume 1 simply as Intellipack 1 (Windows or Mac). Similarly, Intellivision for PC Volume 2 and Intellivision for Mac Volume 2 are now simply Intellipack 2 (Windows or Mac). The software itself retains the original names.

E-mail Technical Problems and Questions Not Found Above to tech@intellivisionlives.com or call toll-free 1-877- INTLVSN (1-877-468-9669). From outside the USA, call 1-310-379-4109 (a toll call).

Other Common Questions

CAN I GET HAND CONTROLLERS TO USE WITH THE GAMES? On the PC, INTELLIVISION LIVES! Version 1.1 works with the majority of USB DirectX-compatible controllers. Two can be connected for 2-player games.

On the Mac, any USB controller will work if you have USB Overdrive installed on your computer. USB Overdrive is a shareware utility available here that lets you assign keyboard presses to the controller buttons. How suitable a controller is depends on its configuration. We use the Gravis GamePad Pro USB version. (Notes: We've found that the controller works best if you turn Sensitivity in the USB Overdrive control panel to 100%. And make sure you also have Apple Game Sprockets installed on your computer or it won't recognized the controller at all.) ADB controllers do not work with Intellivision Lives!

For INTELLIVISION LIVES! Version 1.0 (discontinued) on the PC, we found that Gravis GamePad Pro controllers worked with most games on Intellivision Lives! However, the GamePad Pro GAME PORT VERSION, the only version that worked with Intellivision Lives! has been discontinued. We recommend switching to INTELLIVISION LIVES!Version 1.1.

There are no plans at this time to manufacture new Intellivision-type hand controllers. For the real Intellivision experience, we recommend the Intellicart that lets you play the games from Intellivision Lives! and Intellivision Rocks on your actual Intellivision console! Details are here.

HOW ARE WEB ORDERS PROCESSED AND MAILED? Once you place your order on our web site, a copy of your order will be sent to the e-mail address you provide. This is just a confirmation of your order; your credit card information is not immediately processed. Orders are batch-processed usually within a week of being placed. At that time, we will notify you if there is a problem processing your order. Orders are sent out usually within a week of being processed. US orders are sent Priority Mail; orders outside the US are sent Global Priority Mail where available, otherwise by Airmail. Orders should arrive within a week of being sent within the United States. If it is more than three weeks since you placed your order and you still have not received it, please contact sales@intellivisionlives.com Orders to addresses outside the United States may take longer due to local customs and postal service delays.

HOW CAN I ORDER OTHER THAN ON THE WEB? You can fax a credit card order to 1-310-374-8431. Or you can mail an order with credit card information, a check, or a money order to Intellivision Productions, POB 90488, Los Angeles CA 90009. Please do not send cash! Price of the Intellivision Lives! and the Intellivision Rocks CD-ROMs is $29.95 each. See the Retrotopia Store for other prices. For USA orders, add $6.25 postage & handling when ordering one item, $7.25 for two, with an additional $1.50 for each item above two. For orders to Canada or Mexico, add $7.25 postage & handling when ordering one item, $9.25 for two, with an additional $3.00 for each item above two. For orders outside of the US, Canada or Mexico, add $8.95 postage & handling when ordering one item, $14.95 for two, with an additional $6.00 for each item above two. When ordering t-shirts, specify style, color and size (see catalog page for available choices). California residents add 8.25% sales tax. Credit card orders should include card number, expiration date and card holder's signature. Checks and money orders must be in US funds. Remember to include your shipping address and your e-mail address or phone number in case we need to contact you.

DO YOU HAVE A MAILING LIST? Yes. Join our Mailing List and receive occasional e-mails with Intellivision news, product information and exclusive offers. You can subscribe to the list here. (You can remove yourself from the list at anytime by visiting the same page.)

WHAT IS YOUR PRIVACY POLICY? We never sell, distribute or share e-mail addresses or other information about our customers or visitors to anyone outside Intellivision Productions. For more details, check out our Privacy Policy, posted here.


WHAT GAMES ARE ON INTELLIVISION LIVES? A complete list of games on the Intellivision Lives! CD-ROM is posted here.

WHY AREN'T ALL INTELLIVISION GAMES ON THE CD-ROM? Mostly for legal reasons. The companies that own the copyrights to the gameplay and/or characters used in some Intellivision games didn't give their permission for the games to be included on the CD-ROM. We are working to obtain permission to include some of these games in a possible future release.

DOES THAT INCLUDE ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS? Unlike other games that couldn't be included, AD&D did not contain any licensed gameplay, characters, or graphics. Only the title was licensed. So we were able to include the game on Intellivision Lives! under its original working title, Adventure. It can be found in the Unreleased Titles section of the CD-ROM. Also check out Minotaur in the same section.

IF I OWN A CARTRIDGE OF ONE OF THE GAMES YOU COULDN'T INCLUDE, CAN YOU SEND ME A SOFTWARE COPY AS A "BACK UP"? While the law does allow you to keep a copy of software you own for back-up purposes, it is still illegal for us (or anyone else) to provide you with that copy, whether for free or for a price. That is why we are working hard to obtain the rights to more games - so we can distribute them legally. The Blue Sky Rangers are a law-abidin' bunch.

WHERE CAN I GET A REAL INTELLIVISION AND GAME CARTRIDGES? We don't sell any of the original hardware. You can check out swap meets and thrift stores, auction sites such as eBay.com (a search on "Intellivision" usually turns up dozens of offerings), or 4Jay's Classic Video Games. 4Jay's sells reconditioned consoles, hand controllers, power supplies and game cartridges. (Note: Wherever you buy an Intellivision II, make sure it includes the external power supply!)

HOW DO I HOOK UP AN INTELLIVISION? Refer to the Owner's Manual, posted here.

WHERE CAN I GET A NEW SWITCHBOX AND/OR CABLE? IS A CABLE-READY SWITCHBOX AVAILABLE? CAN I USE A SWITCHBOX FROM ANOTHER GAME SYSTEM? Radio Shack sells a cable-ready switchbox (Cat. #15-1268) in their stores and online here. For today's televisions, this is the best replacement for the Intellivision switchbox. Radio Shack also sells a switchbox (Cat. #15-1269) with twin-lead 300 ohm output like the original Intellivision switchbox for use with older TVs. The Intellivision-to-switchbox cable can be replaced with a standard RCA-to-RCA video cable. Radio Shack sells them in 6-foot and 12-foot lengths. Manual switchboxs from other systems, such as Atari and ColecoVision will work with Intellivision. Newer automatic switchboxes that detect the game signal will not work with Intellivision.

MY INTELLIVISION ISN'T WORKING - WHAT SHOULD I DO? There's a troubleshooting checklist at the end of the Owner's Manual, posted here.


WHERE CAN I GET MY INTELLIVISION REPAIRED? CAN I GET NEW HAND CONTROLLERS OR A POWER SUPPLY? 4Jay's Classic Video Games of Antioch, California, offers an Intellivision repair service. They also sell reconditioned consoles, hand controllers, Intellivision II power supplies and game cartridges. You can visit their web site at www.4jays.com or call them at 925-777-1160 for specific requests or information. Tell 'em Intellivision Productions sent you!

The "official" Intellivision repair shop (i.e., the place Mattel still refers people to) is JHC Electronics of Alhambra CA. Although they have assured us they are still in business and doing repairs, we have received a number of complaints about JHC's service, so we no longer list their address. In case you do run across their listing someplace else - proceed at your own risk!

WHY ARE SOME INTELLIVISION ITEMS NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH YOUR WEB SITE? Due to distribution contracts, we are not allowed to sell some of our items, such as the Direct-to-TV and handheld units, online. Where possible, we provide links to online sites that do offer these items.

E-mail Ordering & Shipping Problems and Questions Not Found Above to sales@intellivisionlives.com or call toll-free 1-877- INTLVSN (1-877-468-9669). From outside the USA, call 1-310-379-4109 (a toll call).

For General Questions About Intellivision and The Blue Sky Rangers: THE BLUE SKY RANGERS FAQ PAGE


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